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                  Formaldehyde, commonly known as formaldehyde, is a poisonous substance in the original plasma, which is harmful to human health. How to make up for it in the process of removing formaldehyde? It is suggested that the pollution of formaldehyde in home decoration should be controlled from the source, so as not to take chances. Before decoration, various factors should be considered to minimize indoor pollution.
                  The first step in removing formaldehyde: how to reduce formaldehyde in decoration
                  Formaldehyde in decoration mainly comes from adhesives, such as wood-based panels, wallpaper (cloth), furniture, chemical fiber carpets, paints, paints, some clothing, bags and shoes, and chemical smoke can also have high formaldehyde content. In addition to the need to pay attention to the purchase of building materials, the selection of large brand decoration companies is also an important part of formaldehyde removal. With the decoration, furniture and household appliances moving into the new house, there will be some pollution residues. It is understood that most decoration companies cooperate with professional environmental management agencies to test and manage new houses, and are committed to creating economic, environmental and reassuring home furnishings.
                  In addition to formaldehyde, step two: how to remove formaldehyde before entering the hall
                  After renovation, most people can ventilate for half a year or a year. Natural ventilation is a simple and effective method. The shortage is that the formaldehyde release cycle is long. It usually takes 3 to 15 years. It is obviously unrealistic to renovate a new house after it is idle for more than 3 years. Therefore, ventilation alone is not enough. In addition, in foggy days, opening windows to ventilate has become a thorny problem. It is very difficult to decorate with a method of purifying harmful gases. Only * you can ask the professional testing center to check which kind of decoration pollution exceeds the standard. With various methods and actual conditions, you can reduce indoor harmful gases as much as possible.
                  The third step of removing formaldehyde: Furniture should be made of pure solid wood.
                  Now known as "zero formaldehyde" market solid wood furniture, many consumers believe that environmental protection solid wood furniture should be completely odorless, in fact, the so-called environmental protection furniture products do not mean that there is no formaldehyde and benzene, but its safety in the national approved standard content, so even solid wood furniture can not be zero-formaldehyde.
                  由于我国当前检测用于家具板甲醛释放量进行测试,测试结果从化学解决方案措施,家居环境不是模拟空气中甲醛浓度的检测,所以并不代表没有甲醛的居室环境,所以有效,* *直接检测方法打开柜门或抽屉闻,看是否有刺激性气味或引起流泪,如果有,可以请销售人员对气味进行说明,有些气味是油漆、胶水等必须附送的。
                  Because the current detection of formaldehyde emission from furniture panels in our country is used for testing, the test results are from chemical solution measures, the home environment is not the detection of formaldehyde concentration in simulated air, so it does not represent the living environment without formaldehyde, so it is effective, ** direct detection method opens cabinet doors or drawers to smell, to see whether there is irritating odor or not. Cause tears, if there is, you can ask the sales staff to explain the odor, some odor is paint, glue and other must be attached.