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                  In January, the new house was renovated. With my wife and son's elaborate decoration, it's as gorgeous as a palace: simple Nordic sofa, super-large floor windows, Vintage oil paintings, and elegant green leaves, full of scenery. Because I want to spend the Spring Festival in my new house earlier, we will live in it soon after the decoration. At that time, we also called many friends and relatives to congratulate us.
                  The new house was bought by my husband and my wife after years of hard work, so we lived in a comfortable place. Until the end of February, my wife started coughing, sore throat, and sometimes tears for no reason.
                  However, a few days later, my son and I also had cold symptoms. I often coughed and felt chest tightness. At that time, I joked that my wife had infected us. Later, we took some anti-inflammatory drugs at home. A week later, there was no obvious improvement. We went to the clinic together.
                  Three members of the family caught a cold at the same time. Doctors at the clinic suspected the flu and gave us several doses.
                  Helplessly, we went to the city's hospital for examination. After the doctor had a detailed understanding of the situation at home, he said that the formaldehyde in the newly decorated house exceeded the standard, resulting in formaldehyde poisoning.
                  We were stunned at that time. We never considered the problem of formaldehyde when decorating, but after decorating, there was some odor in the house. We opened the windows and opened the ventilation. I didn't think the indoor pollution was so terrible!
                  Doctors said that many of the wood-based panels used for decoration contain a lot of glue, which contains a lot of formaldehyde, and other inferior furniture, decoration also contains formaldehyde, formaldehyde release is a continuous process, not connecting the wind to get rid of a few days.
                  Fortunately, we were only mildly poisoned and the symptoms improved significantly after treatment. At that time, the first thing in my heart was to find ways to remove formaldehyde, so that a good new home could not become a "gas chamber"!
                  After several comparisons, we finally chose to use the "Jinan Formalin Company" indoor suite of formaldehyde, the product is said to have a formaldehyde removal rate of 99.1%, can remove formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants, we mainly think it is a national invention patent product. And have exam certificate, more assured.
                  Later, "Jinan formaldehyde removal company" staff came to our home to construct, a light yellow gas began to fill the whole room. After decoration, the formaldehyde content has dropped below the standard value after testing, and finally continue to live in peace of mind.
                  Through this matter, we also want to remind you that when decorating, we must select qualified building materials, and do not move in immediately after decoration. Choosing a reliable indoor pollution control organization for formaldehyde treatment can shorten the stay time. The staff of Jinan Deformaldehyde Company told me that formaldehyde is very harmful and can cause leukemia and carcinogenesis seriously, so we must not think about it.