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                来源:澳门新葡新京    添加日期:2019-10-16 11:49:00    浏览次数:
                  According to the latest survey, women are more vulnerable to indoor and outdoor pollution caused by interior decoration and furniture pollution, electromagnetic radiation pollution and kitchen fume pollution, which will directly affect the next generation.
                  According to the latest survey, benzene release from various paints, paints and adhesives used for home and office buildings (or workplaces) decoration may affect women's health and even directly affect the fetal development of pregnant women.
                  北京大学基础医学院的陈大方教授已经为1,500名孕妇及其新生儿工作了5年,他发现低浓度的芳香族碳氢化合物会对新生儿产生不良影响,并可能导致新生儿出生。 体重减轻和新生儿胎龄明显缩短。 此外,调查发现,当室内空气中的甲醛浓度很高时,装饰材料和家具中各种人造板中的游离甲醛不仅是可疑的致癌物,而且还可能导致女性月经失调和月经异常。 每立方米0.24毫克。  ?0.55 mg时,适当年龄的女性中有40%的月经不调。
                  Chen Dafang, a professor at Peking University School of basic medicine who has worked for 1500 pregnant women and their newborns for five years, found that low concentrations of aromatic hydrocarbons can have adverse effects on newborns and may lead to their birth. Weight loss and gestational age of the newborn were significantly shortened. In addition, the investigation found that when the formaldehyde concentration in the indoor air is very high, the free formaldehyde in various wood-based panels in decorative materials and furniture is not only a suspicious carcinogen, but also may cause menstrual disorders and abnormal menstruation in women. 0.24 mg / m3. At 0.55 mg, 40% of women of appropriate age have irregular menstruation.
                  随着职业女性在办公室工作时间的增加以及各种办公设备和家用电器的普及,女性的电磁辐射污染变得越来越严重,直接影响着她们的循环系统,免疫,生殖和代谢功能。 环境中的电磁辐射会损害人体,特别是女性固有的生物电流和磁场,导致人体生态平衡失衡,导致神经系统和体液紊乱。 妇女容易出现头痛,疲劳,疲劳,易怒和兴奋。 失眠和其他症状,甚至会导致生育畸形和流产。
                  With the increase of working hours in the office and the popularization of various office equipment and household appliances, the electromagnetic radiation pollution of women is becoming more and more serious, which directly affects their circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic functions. Electromagnetic radiation in the environment will damage the human body, especially the inherent biological current and magnetic field of women, which will lead to the imbalance of human ecological balance, resulting in nervous system and fluid disorders. Women are prone to headaches, fatigue, fatigue, irritability and excitement. Insomnia and other symptoms can even lead to birth defects and miscarriages.
                  厨房是妇女经常搬家的地方,是家庭环境中大的污染源。 厨房排放的烟尘中含有一氧化碳,二氧化碳,氮氧化物和具有强烈致癌性的苯并re,以及许多对人体有害的其他物质。 通过将油加热到大约270°C而产生的油雾团聚体会损坏细胞染色体,这是家庭主妇容易老化和生病的原因之一。 美国一家癌症研究中心近指出,罹患肺癌的中国女性比例很高是由于室内环境污染所致。
                  Kitchen is the place where women often move, which is the biggest source of pollution in the family environment. The kitchen smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, strong carcinogenic benzo-re, and many other substances harmful to human body. The aggregation of oil mist by heating the oil to about 270 ° C will damage the cell chromosomes, which is one of the reasons that housewives are prone to aging and illness. A cancer research center in the United States recently pointed out that the high proportion of Chinese women suffering from lung cancer is due to indoor environmental pollution.