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                  In China's real estate market, there has been a saying that "nine gold, nine silver and ten silver" means September and October are the best months for housing sales. There are more houses to be traded and more houses to be decorated. How much do you know about formaldehyde pollution caused by decoration of new houses?
                  The release rate of formaldehyde in furniture is affected by temperature and humidity. In summer, the air temperature is high, the air humidity is high, the formaldehyde release speed is fast, easy to be detected by human body. After the national day, the temperature dropped in most parts of the country. Due to the influence of climate drying and other factors, the formaldehyde release rate also slowed down.
                  Does indoor formaldehyde release speed slow down, harm to human body reduce? Not necessarily.
                  In autumn, when the weather turns cool, people often neglect to open windows for ventilation, so it is difficult to eliminate the formaldehyde in the room. Although the formaldehyde release rate slows down, the formaldehyde with low concentration, colorless and tasteless is difficult to be found to exceed the standard, which is difficult to be detected by human body, and the possibility of formaldehyde harm to human body is greater.
                  据了解,当甲醛浓度达到0.06 ~ 0.07mg /立方米时,儿童会出现轻微哮喘;当甲醛浓度达到每立方米0.1mg时,会有异味和人体不适。当甲醛浓度达到0.5mg /立方米时,会刺激眼睛,导致流泪。当甲醛浓度达到每立方米0.6mg时,会引起咽喉不适或疼痛。当甲醛浓度高于此值时,可引起恶心呕吐、咳嗽胸闷、哮喘,甚至肺水肿;当甲醛浓度达到每立方米30mg时,就会立即致人死亡。
                  It is understood that when the formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.06 ~ 0.07mg/m3, children will have mild asthma; when the formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.1mg/m3, there will be peculiar smell and human discomfort. When formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.5mg/m3, it will stimulate eyes and cause tears. When formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.6mg per cubic meter, it will cause throat discomfort or pain. When the formaldehyde concentration is higher than this value, it can cause nausea and vomiting, cough and chest distress, asthma, and even pulmonary edema; when the formaldehyde concentration reaches 30mg / m3, it will immediately cause death.
                  How to deal with the problem of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard?
                  First of all, the decoration should choose low formaldehyde environmental protection building materials. Environmental protection building materials do not contain formaldehyde, but its formaldehyde content is within the scope of national environmental protection standards. If indoor environmental protection building materials release enough formaldehyde, it will also cause harm to human body.
                  Second, open the window for ventilation. Although window ventilation is only a cure rather than a cure, under good ventilation conditions, the continuous exchange of indoor and outdoor air can indeed take away excessive formaldehyde and dilute the formaldehyde content in the indoor air.
                  The most effective way to remove formaldehyde is photocatalyst. This method of formaldehyde removal has spread from Japan to China. Japan is prone to earthquakes, so most of its houses are made of wood. If they collapse, the damage will be much less. When the board is used, natural formaldehyde is also expected to exceed the standard, the relevant workers, and then Japan will come out with photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde, spray and remove formaldehyde to reach the surface of furniture, use sunlight to decompose formaldehyde into formaldehyde and water in the air, thereby solving the problem of indoor air formaldehyde pollution.
                  Formaldehyde is like a double-edged sword. It provides great convenience for people in industry and helps people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Once formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will bring great harm to human body. High knot teeth remind you that once the body has the above discomfort, you should leave the formaldehyde environment in time, and go to see a doctor when treating serious cases. For indoor formaldehyde pollution, you can consult Shenzhen gaojieya. Professional formaldehyde removal 13 years, millions of family choice, 98% customer satisfaction, your side of the health respiratory experts.