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                  六个月前,李先生搬进了他的新办公室。近,李先生感到头晕目眩,所以他求助于周报,希望周报能提供免费的空气测试配额。空气检测仪现场检测发现,李办公室的甲醛含量为0.7mg /m3,约为标准的9倍。气味很重,甲醛含量严重超标。
                  Six months ago, Mr. Li moved into his new office. Recently, Mr. Li felt dizzy, so he turned to the weekly newspaper to provide free air test quotas. The formaldehyde content in Li office is 0.7mg/m3, which is about 9 times of the national standard. The odor was very heavy and the formaldehyde content exceeded the standard seriously.
                  Reporters and air testers went to Lee Myung-bak's office. Mr. Li is not big, only about 10 square meters. The doors and windows of the office are closed ahead of time according to the requirements of the overnight inspectors. As soon as the door of the office opened, journalists and inspectors smelled the pungent smell. Huang, who was in charge of the test, said that when people heard the odor, they knew that the air pollution in the office was very serious and the formaldehyde content would definitely exceed the standard. According to Mr. Li, they moved into a new office about June this year. There are more than ten offices in this unit, which smells the worst. At first, he and his colleagues found the office smelly. But who knows, a few months later, some colleagues in the office reported that they often felt dizzy at work. Everyone suspects that it may be caused by decoration pollution. It is suggested to find a testing agency to check the air quality of the office. Testing.
                  将空气质量测试仪放置在采样室,用甲醛吸收器收集空气进行检测。15分钟后,初步检测结果显示,李办公室甲醛含量达到0.7 mg/m3(标准上限为0.08 mg/m3),约为标准的9倍。
                  The air quality tester is placed in the sampling room and the formaldehyde absorber is used to collect the air for testing. Fifteen minutes later, the preliminary test results showed that formaldehyde content in Li office reached 0.7 mg/m3 (the national standard upper limit was 0.08 mg/m3), which was about 9 times of the national standard.
                  It is not environmentally friendly, and the building materials used contain formaldehyde. Director Huang said that Mr. Li had four desks in his office. They were all wooden and had many decorations. Use wood flooring and latex paint and other building materials. Because many materials used for interior decoration, such as wood flooring and latex paint, contain formaldehyde, these materials may lead to excessive formaldehyde content of li. In addition, the release period of formaldehyde is 3 to 15 years. Even when using environmentally friendly decorative materials, formaldehyde released from these materials in a narrow office space may also make the air quality unqualified.
                  Director Huang told reporters that long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, female menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, resulting in physical decline of newborns, chromosomal abnormalities, and even nasopharyngeal cancer. Huang also warned that if the formaldehyde content was more than three times, there would be a distinct odor. If you exceed the standard by one to three times, it is easy to be ignored. Looking for professional formaldehyde removal mechanism company formaldehyde removal company Green Alliance treasure. Green League Bao is a company specializing in monitoring and controlling indoor decoration pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene series and TVOC. The whole process is inspected according to the national instrument and judgment standard.
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