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                  Formaldehyde, like an assassin, is quietly hidden in our house. I don't know its location, but the hidden danger is often. As for its harm, many people say a lot, but some people don't know. I suggest you find it. I'm moved by the following content, only lazy use:
                  1. 当甲醛浓度达到0.08-0.09mg/m3 /立方米每立方米空气时,儿童出现轻度哮喘;
                  1. When the concentration of formaldehyde reached 0.08-0.09mg/m3/cubic meter of air, children developed mild asthma.
                  Secondly, when formaldehyde in indoor air reaches 0.15mg/m3, it will produce odor and discomfort.
                  When formaldehyde reaches 0.5mg/m3, it will stimulate the eyes and cause tears.
                  4. Formaldehyde content up to 0.6 mg/m3 may cause sore throat or throat discomfort. High concentration can cause nausea, vomiting, cough, chest tightness, asthma and even pulmonary edema.
                  When formaldehyde reaches 30mg/m3, it will cause immediate death. A new study released by the American Cancer Institute on May 12, 2009 found that workers exposed to formaldehyde were far more likely to die from blood, lymphoma and other cancers than those exposed to less formaldehyde.
                  Researchers studied 25,000 workers in chemical plants that produce formaldehyde and formaldehyde resins and found that workers exposed to formaldehyde most were 37% more likely to die than those exposed to formaldehyde least. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde increases the risk of specific cancers such as Hodgkin's lymphoma, multiple myeloma and myeloid leukemia, the researchers said. Formaldehyde poisoning symptoms, different concentrations of formaldehyde poisoning symptoms: In fact, there have been some studies on formaldehyde and reproductive health: formaldehyde, the root cause of male fertility decline
                  Why is formaldehyde removal more important than heating in winter?
                  So formaldehyde must be removed, so why must it be removed in winter?
                  The analysis is as follows: when the temperature rises by 1 C, the volatilization rate of formaldehyde increases by 0.4 times. That's why the formaldehyde of new houses and cars tastes especially great in summer. After autumn, it will be better with the decrease of temperature. But when winter comes, in the heating season, especially in rooms with floor heating, the increase of room temperature, the "hibernation" of formaldehyde is used to heat and wake up again, which is not conducive to the closure of doors and windows in winter. In air circulation, aggregates easily cause indoor formaldehyde to exceed the standard, causing serious harm to human health.
                  后,甲醛去除神话附:1。绿色植物去除甲醛,成千上万的植物已经被去除三到五年;2. 2 .剥洋葱蒜去甲醛,呵呵呵呵,这个主意真蠢。活性炭除甲醛外,吸附原理像海绵一样,吸收完全投入污染。
                  Finally, formaldehyde removal myth attachment: 1. Green plants remove formaldehyde, thousands of plants have been removed for three to five years; 2.2. Peel onions and garlic to remove formaldehyde, ha ha ha, this idea is silly. In addition to formaldehyde, activated carbon adsorption principle is like a sponge, absorption into pollution.
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