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                  Air testing companies know that with the increase of house decoration, formaldehyde has become a nightmare of indoor environmental safety. At present, people's understanding of the hazards of formaldehyde is also deepening, and the understanding is more and more in-depth. However, some traditional methods are not very ambitious, so they need the help of professional formaldehyde removal companies. So air testing companies know that many people ask how much formaldehyde testing generally costs?
                  1. If you want to test some exact data, the most important thing is to use larger units to operate. Their measurement results will be accurate to several times, and the detection effect will be better. For example: Quality Supervision Bureau or environmental protection bureau, but the cost is relatively high, usually 30 fees about 400 yuan.
                  2. 如果想要及时看到实时的检测数据,一些小型的空气处理公司也不错,但是检测仪器会稍微小一点,成本大约是50~200元。但室内除甲醛的价格也根据面积不同,价格不同。
                  2. If you want to see real-time detection data in time, some small air processing companies are also good, but the detection instrument will be a little smaller, the cost is about 50-200 yuan. But the price of indoor formaldehyde removal varies according to the area.
                  3. In order to save energy, some owners will also purchase their own household testing equipment, so that indoor formaldehyde concentration can be monitored in real time throughout the day. Once exceeding the standard, they will actively alarm, and it is very convenient to check at any time.
                  4. Nowadays, many bosses will buy self-test boxes on the Internet. Only by monitoring them manually can they save a lot of costs and operate conveniently. However, there may be some errors in the test data, which can only be referred to.
                  Formaldehyde is a kind of teratogenic and carcinogenic harmful substance, which is classified as teratogenic and carcinogenic harmful substance by WHO. It can be said that its toxicity is very high, and it is a toxic source of abnormal reaction in all walks of life. If we live in a temporary high concentration of formaldehyde environment for a long time, the harm to human body can not be ignored. So what are the national requirements for indoor formaldehyde testing standards?
                  1. In the provisional hygienic standards for formaldehyde issued by relevant state units, it is clearly required that the concentration of formaldehyde in the air of our temporary indoor residence should not be higher than mg/cubic meters.
                  Usually, the indoor formaldehyde detection standards will vary according to the method chosen. Nowadays, chemical spectrophotometry is usually the choice for companies specializing in indoor formaldehyde purification. So the air is collected temporarily in the indoor and outdoor environment, then a series of analysis is carried out in the relevant laboratories, and accurate data are obtained.
                  2、除了在中国的室内空气下发表声明外,还发布了有关《实木复合地板使用规范》:这种类型的必要公布的实木复合地板甲醛含量不得高于9毫克/ 100克,复合地板检测方法,通常有关部门会选择穿孔萃取法,选择100克的样品,有关化学萃取过程后,然后确定地板的存在一个临时的甲醛含量。
                  2. In addition to making a statement under the indoor air in China, a related "Code for the Use of Solid Wood Composite Flooring" was also issued: the formaldehyde content of this type of solid wood composite flooring that needs to be published should not be higher than 9 mg/100 g. The detection method of composite flooring, usually the relevant departments will choose the perforation extraction method, select 100 g samples, and determine the presence of one flooring after the chemical extraction process. Temporary formaldehyde content.
                  3. In addition, China's relevant regulations also have strict requirements for wood-based panels:
                  As for the temporary release of formaldehyde from wood-based panels, the concentration of formaldehyde from floors should not be higher than that from milligrams/cubic meters. The detection method of temporary formaldehyde from wood-based panels can usually choose the climate case method. The sample board to be inspected is placed next to the designated climate box. Then air samples are extracted from the climatic chamber. The concentration of formaldehyde in air was determined by a series of chemical analysis methods.
                  The company undertakes Jinan air detection and control project, if you need to click on the official website directly for telephone consultation: